How To Play The Piano More Expressively – 5 Major Tips

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Here are 5 major tips to help your piano playing sound more expressive for your Singapore ABRSM piano examinations.

First of all, always practise the loud parts of your piano exam song with your soft pedal on your piano turned on. This will ensure that when you eventually play your exam pieces without the soft pedal on, your piano playing will be sufficiently loud during the forte sections.

Second of all, always the soft parts of the song with the soft pedal off! This goes without saying. However, the key is to practise playing the soft parts of the song as softly as you can while maintaining melody and dynamics. This is difficult for most beginners so make sure to practise this way often.

Third of all, practise the parts which require you to use pedal work, without the pedal. This is important because too many students rely too heavily on using the sustain pedal to overcome major technical playing flaws. Some students’ playing are so detached, but they simply use the sustain pedal to overcome it. Although it may sound similar still to the untrained ear, it is very clear to ABRSM piano examiners. If you want to pass your music exam with ease, then make sure to practise connecting your notes together without using the sustain pedal.

Next of all, record your playing. That is right. Most pianists have the wrong idea of how their playing sounds like in reality to a listener. This is because most beginner to intermediate level pianists are distracted by their own playing to really listen to how their piano playing sounds like. However, when you record your playing, you will be able to clearly listen to the way your pieces sound like to a listener and more importantly to the future ABRSM piano examiner you will meet for your exams!

Finally, engage a good piano teacher in Singapore. All the playing and practice in the world won’t make you a better pianist if you do not have the right fundamentals. Finding a good piano teacher in Singapore is easy, simply look for agencies such as to help you look for a piano teacher in Singapore for free.

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