Do NOT Become A Piano Teacher Before Reading This

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If you are a full time employee at a local company in Singapore, and considering a career jump to a piano teacher in Singapore because you are sick and tired of your corporate 9-6pm job with no bonuses, then read on.

If you love piano playing like us, you probably have dreamt of setting up your own piano teaching business before. Here are some tips to help you make the transition from full time employee, to part time piano teacher, to full time piano teacher and business owner.

First of all, you should not just quit your job right away. Finding clients and music students will take time. The easiest way to find students is to collaborate with a local agency which matches you up with piano students across Singapore. Here is an example of a local agency –¬† Get students through such agencies until you are able to generate at least a part time income from piano teaching.

Second of all, there will be a temporary period of time in which your overall income will drop drastically before it rises dramatically. This is the time when you quit your job, but you only have a part time income from your piano teaching. This is the colloquial ‘leap of faith’ that most people who run their own piano teaching business might have told you before. This is because you will temporarily for 1 to 2 months have no income from your current job, while you use the free time to look for more clients until your eventual income becomes greater than your current one with a job. This period will come, but you will eventually go through it and make more money while having more freedom. Make sure you prepare yourself for this mental leap of faith, as this is really the hardest step. Therefore, I recommend that you work together with a good piano teacher-student match up agency so that it’s easier for you to find more students easily in Singapore!

Third of all, you need to know that your career success as a full time private home piano teacher in Singapore is dependent on your ability to teach. You will not be able to run your piano teaching business very long if your teaching is bad; regardless of how good your piano playing abilities are. Therefore, make sure to keep yourself updated with how to teach students better in order to ensure good word of mouth marketing for your business.

So there you go! The above are 3 BIG tips you must know before changing from being an employee to a full time private home piano teacher in Singapore! Hope I helped.

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