How To Pass ABRSM Exam Sight Reading Easily

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One of the most difficult segments of the ABRSM graded piano exams, it is important to master the skill of sight reading if you want to pass the exams with ease. In fact, this is a segment that most pianists struggle at, due to the inability to practise it in advance.

A lot of people practise sight seeing by trying to play new songs from scratch for the first time and trying to get all the notes perfectly right while slowing down the pace of their playing. However, this is not the right way to practise sight reading if you want to pass your ABRSM exams easily.

The right way to practise the piano playing for sight reading is to make sure that the rhythm and musical details (dynamics and articulation) is good and well done first. A few wrong notes is perfectly fine. This along with a confident playing style will net you far more points than you hitting all the right notes but completely messing up the rhythm.

Check out the following video for the video version of sight reading tips! Hopefully you can pass your ABRSM piano exams much easier with this tip!

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